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A Heritage Of Service

Just like the sacred Indian principles of Vastu, the Master Fireplaces India ethos is based on a philosophy of tradition.

We are a proud, family run business with generations of passion forging client success stories for over 35 years. Our company remains on the cutting edge of fireplace design, innovation and service due to our global partners who have become valued members of our wider family.

Our team in India is committed to providing a simple and stress free fireplace experience from ordering to delivery; installation to after sales service. We encourage open and honest communication with all of our partners, clients and the tradespeople we engage with on your behalf, ensuring project efficiency stays as a top priority.

In a dynamic and evolving industry, we are excited to establish our presence in India to provide you with the best range of fireplaces to suit a multitude of style, function, health and spiritual benefits.

Be prepared to embrace the sacred force of Vastu in cosmic unison with us.

Our Master Fireplaces global brand partners include:

Kemlan Australia
Jetmaster Fireplaces Australia
Glamm Portugal
Dimplex Fireplaces United Kingdom
Napoleon Canada