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Polished Timber Mantelpieces

Mantels & Accessories

A mantelpiece can ultimately complete a fireplace beautifully and nothing does this better than a polished timber mantelpiece.

Shown here are two very popular styles from the Australian Victorian era. In India however we recognise the many varied tastes and styles that are traditionally Indian.

Any fireplace mantel whether modern, Indian or Western style will compliment a fire from Master Fireplace, whether electric, gas or wood.

Fireplace Mantel

The fireplace mantel completes the fire. It creates a sense of balance in a room and can also add to the style and design of the room. They are a great way to protect infrastructure, especially if you want to put a television above your fireplace. A fireplace mantel will cut the direct heat to your television making sure it’s unaffected and safe.

Fireplace mantels have a traditional connotation, but are in fact extremely versatile and have modern applications. They are a great way to make your fireplace a centrepiece with limited effort and expense. Fireplace mantels come in a range of styles and designs, from modern to traditional. And vary in material, Master Fireplaces offers easy pre-fabricated beautiful fireplace mantels in high quality wood, stone and marble. Or can help you design and source a custom mantelpiece.



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