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India is
at home with the sacred fire.

Spirituality in India lies at the very heart of our earthly existence. Respecting the ancient Indian Vastu scheme when designing a home ensures a spiritual balance flows between man, nature and the cosmos that supports wellbeing; the fire element in particular encouraging auspicious outcomes and shielding from harm and negative energy.

A Master Fireplace from the India Collection is the catalyst to create this cosmic connection, materialising a sacred space where Vastu can flourish. A fireplace located in a home space where your family relaxes together, augments a positive directional flow of cosmic energy that deepens family bonds, sharpens intelligence and permits creative expression to prosper.

Embrace fire to flame your success and celebrate life the Indian way.

Fire up your health.

From the dawn of human evolution, fire has always been a natural source of energy with the ability to enrich our lives in so many ways. By providing warmth and light in both the physical and spiritual sense, its proven health benefits are many.



  • a fireplace neutralises unwanted moisture during wet seasons where a build-up of dangerous mould spores can cause you to become sick, tired and run down due to your immune system having to fight a respiratory battle (asthma, allergy and eczema sufferers are more susceptible here).
  • the longer you watch a fire for, the friendlier and more social you become
  • being in a fire’s presence activates the brain’s pineal gland that releases the melatonin hormone aiding a good night’s sleep
  • time spent in front of a fireplace is a drug free prescription for relaxation with ‘fire time’ decreasing blood pressure by 5% and significantly reducing stress and anxiety levels within minutes

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