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Master Fireplaces India is an embodiment of style and sophistication, creating a design statement. Even as we diversify our portfolio from wood to gas fireplace and electric fire, we aim to bring the best of wood fireplaces to India, where wood is available in plenty and at a very low cost. Our vision for India is to bring the most elegant fireplace models into the most important place in the world, YOUR HOME.

Technology has had its impact on the fire place industry too. Our gas, bio-ethanol and electric fire closely imitate the traditional ones in appearance, heat dissipation and even those crackling sounds of logs with some of our Electric fire models.

Our exquisite range of wood burning fireplace, gas, ethanol and electric fireplaces with realistic 3D imagery, smoke and flame, align to the best Vastu principles. Your house is not just a dwelling unit, but a sacred place for your family to flourish. As we know, the Lord of Fire (Agni) has a special place in Hindu mythology. Our Indian consultants work directly with you and your architect to beautify your home. Our fire places harness the spiritual power of fire for the protection and prosperity of your family. Our designs carry a unique semblance that is distinctly made for India.

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