Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Fireplace

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplace offer an excellent alternative to replicate the distinctive facade of traditional fireplace at a much lesser cost.  The installation protocol too is rather simple and requires minimal groundwork.  Given this, electric fireplace have become the heartthrob of millions of households.  Why do people still prefer wooden fireplaces?  Do they (electric fireplace) have any disadvantages?  Let us analyze in detail.

The Advantages First

Electric fireplace come in so many designs and sizes that the possibilities are virtually unlimited.  They merge seamlessly with your interiors and require no structural modifications  They can also make their own stand-alone fashion statement.  Compared to other fireplaces, electric fireplace are space- savers.  Wall mounts and slim models occupy even lesser space, while integrating well within.  They remain the preferred choice for people living in apartments, condos or smaller dwelling units.

The installation process too is very simple; in most cases, plug and play.  Due to their portable nature, they can be taken along as you move from one house to another.

The range of models includes heat dissipation models to flame-only model.  Heat dissipating models are children/pet friendly and do not cause burns when they come into contact with it.  You can control the temperature or use just the flame for that realistic appearance of a fireplace.  Thus electric fireplaces (flame-only) can be used during summer seasons too.

Safety FirstElectric fireplace do not contain real fire and other hazards like smoke, fire and residual embers.  They do not let out harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.  Electric fireplace can be operated safely in households with children, pets, elders and persons with conditions such as Asthma, Bronchitis etc.

In electric fire, no energy is lost.  Electric fireplaces operate to 99% efficiency.  They are also maintenance free with the LED light being changed once in 3 years.

The Disadvantages

Electric fireplace just replicate the flames and do not utilize real flames.  Without original flames, electric fireplace can be dismissed as a fake product.  Poking and prodding real fire is impossible.  The aroma and crackling sound of logs are missing.

Electric fireplace are a cheap alternative to traditional fireplaces and are limited in their heating capacity.  While you can heat a small room, it is neither possible nor desirable to heat an entire house with electric fireplace.

Power outages especially in countries like India are frequent and come without announcement.  With electric fireplace as the sole heating source, be prepared to shiver in the cold during times of power failure.

Finally, traditional fireplace has a value attached to it.  Studies by the real estate industry reveal that fireplaces are the third most requested feature in property related queries.  Fireplaces have the potential to increase your property value by about 8%.  Electric fireplace are movable and therefore do not add value to the house.