Do wood fireplaces add value to a Home ?

If the question has to be answered in one word, it is a ‘yes’.

Yes! A wood fireplace adds more value to a house. We can discuss the value point based on two factors. Firstly, the aesthetic factor secondly, the economic factor.  Aesthetically, a wood fireplace adds more beauty and warmth to the appearance of a house. Wood fireplace does not make the house look artificial; instead, they give the place a realistic traditional ambience. Mostly, wood fireplaces are installed in winter countries. Therefore, the tool offers the residents enough comfort at child wintry nights. Furthermore, wood fireplaces do not emit any pollutant.

Then, the economic aspect comes. Firstly, wood fireplaces’ installation and maintenance process are costlier than the other types of fireplaces, and the maintenance requires extra effort and hard work. In the context of a house’s resale, buyers prefer to pay extra bucks if the house already is equipped with at least one wood fireplace. Wood fireplace enhances the home value by 50-70%. According to the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers, the presence of a wood fireplace can increase the resale value of a house by 6-12%. The value of the wood fireplaces varies based on different factors. As we know, every coin has another side. Similarly, some disadvantages are also associated with wood fireplace.Bygone are the days when wood fireplace had been in high demand among the buyers. In today’s era, the wood fireplaces do not hold that craze they used to do in the past decade. According to Uniform Residential Appraisal Report, the appraisal form includes a deck, a pool, a fence, a porch, and a wood fireplace in the same category. Here, deciding the value of a wood fireplace becomes difficult. According to the National Association of Home Builders, only 16% of buyers have included a fireplace as an essential household apparatus. The maintenance cost is a critical factor as well. In reality, the use of fireplaces is facing a downfall.Fireplaces are in high demand in mountainous regions and western countries. Master Fireplace has traditional as well as modern wood fireplace models suitable for different structures of the house. A wood fireplace model of our company will enrich your home with a different look. We will finish with the same that we have begun with. Wood fireplaces have a special value on the part of any house.