Things to consider before buying a wooden fireplace in India

A fireplace is a cozy place where people sit and enjoy the heat with a glass of wine in hand, watching the crackling flames. Although wooden fireplace installation in an existing home can be a complicated task, fireplaces represent a romantic atmosphere for winter. When it comes to fireplaces, you need to consider a lot of decisions and things first. Varying from different fuel types, the amount of heat produced, and the cost of the design. Deciding a wooden fireplace can be a difficult task depending on the type of house you own. In many cases, fireplaces have extensive fuel systems that are not compatible with your type of housing. Here are some factors that need to be taken into consideration when installing a wooden fireplace in your house.

The Budget

When choosing a wooden fireplace for your house, it is essential to consider your expenses for the endeavor. The budget you decide includes the initial cost of a wooden fireplace installation and the running cost of the fireplace regularly. A wooden fireplace requires a large initial construction outlay and a chimney. Although, depending on your access to firewood, your regular running costs can be less. The after construction expenses of your wooden fireplace entirely depends on the amount of time they are used and can be economical to run.

Fuel type

There are mainly five kinds of fireplaces available; wood, gas, electric, bioethanol, and pellet. A wooden fireplace is a traditional fireplace and burns natural wood. Other types include bioethanol that runs solely on bioethanol, pellet fireplaces that burns compressed wood and biomass pellets that are essentially waste, and electric fireplaces that run on electricity. You should choose the type of fireplace depending on the easy availability of the elements that provide the fireplace’s energy source.

Amount of Heat Required

India is a tropical country with hot and humid weather. The usability of a fireplace in such a country is unthinkable. But the reality is very different. India is a large country with various types of climate. Weather in cities like Delhi are harsh in summer but are very bitter in winter with freezing winds.

Moreover, India is home to several hill stations that could use an adequate wooden fireplace to keep people warm. The choice of a wooden fireplace for your house largely depends on the amount of heat you need. A wooden fireplace is suitable for chilly hill stations and seasonal use in the freezing winters in cities like Delhi.


Wooden fireplaces require adequate ventilation. Improper ventilation can cause people to feel dizzy or sick. The majority of wooden fireplaces have an exhaust and chimney to let the smoke out and not let it into the room to keep the occupants safe from the smoke.

A fireplace is an artistic addition to any house and brings a cozy and warm feeling to the ambiance. It is essential to take into consideration several aspects before choosing a suitable fireplace for your home. The type of fuel, amount of heat required, the area of your house that needs the heat are a few of the many factors. Finally, the cost-effectiveness of a wooden fireplace is a significant factor in building one in an existing house.