Traditional fireplace ideas – find the right design for you

Traditional fireplace ideas

Fireplaces, while serving the very important function in your home, also have important relevance in décor and fashion in the interior of homes. These are possibly tied with a number of distinguished details that could be found based on your choices.

However, if your choice is a traditional fireplace, there’s a lot of details and possibilities that might go wrong.

Imagine moving into a Victorian townhouse or renovating a Tudor cottage, fireplaces in these homes generally are traditional with also the fact that many were removed over time.

The revival of fireplaces requires you to have some ideas that you can put into use effectively so that you gain a sense of history, color and warmth.

Tudor Design

This traditional design can be referred to as the oldest type of fireplace. Although they’re somewhat acquired taste, they’ve a heritage charm that couldn’t be found in any other type of design.

Bricks are left exposed and there are inglenooks on either side that suits in a rather homely and small-scale setting.

Georgian Design

For many of you, this might be the design that you’re looking after the most as it brings kind of a true statement. This features a great deal of generous proportions and classic motifs that most people can easily identify with.

The important feature is that of the mantelpiece as they could be decorated with a number of distinct ideas across the board.

Mirrors, miniatures and other types of itinerary will influence your lifestyle to have a classy and gentile edge.

Victorian Design

What the idea of this design brings forward are truly helpful ideas about tiles featuring into so many different scenarios and situations.

You can easily identify with the fireplace tiles that are flanked by a cast-iron grate. Floral motifs, embossed friezes and other aspects tend to bring attention to bright and eye-catching schemes of color.

Channel Bridgeton-chic with a regency design

Traditional fireplaces drawing from English design definitely conveys a number of different perspectives. Regency fireplaces could be artistically viewed as a major high-point in every way.

They are carved in marble but usually have lightness and refinement among all these details.

Other things like S-curve corbels, floral pateras, and bullseye roundel are all necessary and critical as well that could be found.

It’s important to note that you’ll find true appreciation and understanding with these perspectives of fireplaces and they could be satisfied in a number of different perspectives.