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7 Things To Avoid In Electric Fire

You are on a new job and a new place.  It’s a different terrain altogether.  The nights are shivering cold and its getting jittery one day after the other.  A quicksilver solution would be to install a fireplace in the rented apartment.  Obviously the choice would be to go for an Electric fireplace as it can move around and can be operated at the place of requirement.  It’s also pretty easy to install and does not require house-owner’s intervention or permission as all you need is a 5Amp plug point.

Though electric fireplaces are touted as absolutely safe, still it would be prudent to follow the following safety norms with our own safety in mind.

  1. Never ever plug electric heaters in an extension box or cord. Electric fireplaces and other such equipments consume a lot of energy and often experience a power surge when switched on. The extension boxes cannot withstand such power surge and may overheat or get their fuse blown out.  Therefore always plug in the electric fire in wall socket to avoid potential risks, both electrical and fire hazard.
  1. Electric fireplaces are not toys meant for children and children are after all children. No one can curb their curiosity to touch or feel the heat emanating from the fireplace. Though electric fireplaces are generally safe to touch, still we would not like to expose our children to heat or shock hazard due to malfunctioning of the equipment.
  1. As with children, pets cannot be expected to exercise caution while dealing with the fireplace. They may love the warmth and may get too close to the fireplace. Make sure that the heater is out of reach of pets and children.
  1. Generally the heaters and fireplaces are not required during summer months. (Except some fireplace models that have just the lighting effect, without heat) Depending upon the place you are in you may relegate the heater into the store room for months together, until winter sets in. While deciding to use it again, it should be ensure that the heater is in full fettle with all wires and cables intact.  Even a small rat can create a lot of mess by damaging the wiring.  Also look for any other insect that have crept in and died out.

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  1. Most electric fireplace models come with remote controls. Always use the remote to control the temperature settings or to switch off. It is not a good idea to sit too close to the fireplace so that you can control the temperature at will without getting out of your seat.  Sitting uncomfortably close to the heat source can cause dry skin and can be an irritant.
  1. Though electric fireplaces can be moved around with ease, it is not a good idea to leave it at the centre of a room with wires strewn all around. Always place the heater in a stable environment so that it does not fall off and get damaged at the slightest provocation.
  1. Your electric fireplace is not a dustbin or cloth dryer. The heat generated is for the comfort of the home and not for cloth drying. It may be tempting to use it for cloth drying during rainy season as there is not enough heat for cloth drying and it is wet everywhere.  Nevertheless, do not use the heat source of an electric fireplace for any other purpose other than room heating.

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