How to make electric fireplace look real

How to make electric fireplace look real

We Have often stressed the fact that nothing can match the efficacy and aesthetics of a wood burning fireplace.  Unfortunately for some who have to manage with cramped apartments or in rented houses, electric fireplace offers the only realistic solution to manage those winter days when snow has started to fall.  Though not particularly enthusiastic about electric fireplace, still many of us don’t have a real choice.  However, not everything is bad about electric fireplace and you will be surprised that the electric fireplaces made by Master Fireplace ( can replace the need for a wood fireplace, well almost.

The most favourable aspect of an electric fireplace is its plug and play effect.  No ventilation, no structural modification, no chimney and accumulation of dust etc.  It looks amazing and capable of heating the room too.  On the flip side, it is not as cool (or should I say Hot?) as a wood fireplace.  It certainly misses out on the aroma of wood burning fireplace.  Not just one, but different woods give out distinct and different aroma.  Other than that, the electric fireplace offers plenty of scope for adding to the décor and charm of the room.

To get the most out of an electric fireplace is to make it appear ‘Real’ or atleast close to real.  Our ingenuous effort to make it more realistic or even more awesome is limited only by (Y)our imagination.  From Symmetrical cabinets to that velvety finish around, add an extra splash of glamour that one would clamour for.  Another idea would be to make it as big as possible.  Decorate it with an artistic landscape. Or just place a mirror in the opposite.

As we said earlier, the electric fireplace dissipates heat; flames look realistic; more economical and don’t hurt the ecological balance.  Now you need not worry about kids and pets roaming around the fireplace.

For the best part, choose the one that appears close to real.  The marketplace is flooded with electric fireplace models and it may at times become intriguing to choose the best.  Master Fireplace can help you find the most realistic fireplace that is nearly close to the original.  If it is about the looks, our fireplace fits the bill perfectly.

Fireplaces come with wooden frame to get that ‘Real’ thing.  Even if you bought one without frame, you can make your own too.  Adding wooden frame around the fireplace adds charm.  Just ensure that the wooden frame part is not too close to the hot surface.  You can add a small rack of fresh wood that can give out a nice aroma to your home and combined with the realistic flame, is mind-blowing.