Are you looking for real antique fire places? Take a glance at the guidance before you opt for one.

Before choosing antique fire places, the foremost thing one should consider thinking, how old is your house? It is essential to match the fire places with the existing home décor. Quintessential antique fire places go with a king-sized bedroom or a grand dining space.

We have a variety of collections of late Georgian, Victorian, and classic Indian fireplaces. All these collections add a sophisticated touch to the entire setup of your house. With timeless quality and intricate design, we strive to create a versatile piece of fire places that enhances the glamour of your interior design.

If you are looking for a modern and ancient historical style, you are at the right place to start with. With the actual age of your home, we suggest to our client the most appealing collection of the fire places. With a group of stone surrounded, marble carved wooden surrounded, cast iron combination, etc., we strive to deliver customized collection of fire places.

As I mentioned earlier, too, the elegant look of the fire places overwhelms the beauty of the home space. Thus, it is needless to say; you should envisage the size and scale of your room before you opt for fire places. As a matter of fact, bedrooms have a smaller and thinner fireplace. The following things you must take into consideration:

  • The height, width, and depth of the opening
  • The current condition of the chimney
  • The width of the chimney-breast
  • The ceiling height
  • Exact dimensions of the room.

If you have any particular color choice of the antique fire places, let me tell you marble comes in many shades. It ranges from shining white to dramatic black; there is also a great collection of stunning pink, green, and grey shades.

Antique collection of fire places come up with open fire and gas fire. If one is pondering to have an open fire, it is necessary to check which material you are allowed to burn. We can suggest you to choose from a varied collection of fire places accessories. For example, a fireback helps to generate more heat from your existing heat components.

On the other hand, antique fender, fire basket, or register grate are beautiful ways to fill up the additional gap. Moreover, it adds elegance and lovely periodic touch to your antique fire places.

Consult a professional expert to guide you in choosing the best-suited fire places for your home. Dial us, we are just one call away!