Brilliant Fireplace ideas for India

Brilliant Fireplace ideas for India

There is nothing more romantic than an open wood fireplace and the element of fire brings a unique ambiance to any space.

Fire ignites passion and energy but is also is calming comforting. . Fireplaces all over the world evoke feelings of homeliness. Family and friends. Stories told. Stories shared. The peals of carefree laughter.

Remembering those   feelings of peace and contentment that descended on you as you watched the glowing embers and leaping flames of a bonfire under the stars.  This is why people are drawn to and love fireplaces, however Not everyone can have a fire in their home and in our busy lives not everyone has the time to relax in front of a fireplace but, resorts can have fireplaces and these can be surprisingly very easy to install and maintain and yes totally safe even an open wood fire.

Well let’s start with an open wood fireplace. Traditional open brick fireplaces have needed special expertise and labour to build , however one company now In India from Australia Master Fireplaces with the Jetmaster brand,  have been installing prefabricated open fireplaces  designed not to smoke into the room ,  and requiring minimal brick work and no special expertise for over 35 years in over 100,000 homes  in Australia. In fact worldwide since 1950 over 500,000 Jetmasters have been installed. For resorts in colder climates in India this is the perfect feature. When I have entered a number of top resorts in Shimla and Ooty for example, I have felt like crying says Daniel Belnick Director of Master Fireplaces. There is no open fireplace in the lounge or common areas, an area crying out for one and knowing that at the planning stage this would have been easy to do.  Master Fireplaces want to change this with an easy to install and maintain solution with the Jetmaster. The Jetmaster can easily be converted to gas at any time. Gas requires a regular annual service by a qualified technician. The open wood fires can be easily maintained by the existing maintenance staff. The log pan needs cleaning twice a season and it is a good idea to give it spray paint make over annually.

One increasingly popular fire for resorts in warmer climates and those installations where running a flue pipe is impossible are ethanol or bio fuel fires. Bio fuel fires are the perfect solution for outdoors as they are made with 304 grade stainless steel.

The only maintenance required for these is an annual or bi annual application of stainless steel protector and cleaner,   particularly for resorts on the coast. Even indoors in a resort , provided there is good ventilation the bio fuel fire is a good option as it requires no flue , so installation is a breeze. For colder climates a bio fuel fire indoors will provide good heat, depending on the type of installation. An indoor Bio fuel fire in a warmer climate purely for ambience will be ideal in a very large open planned, high ceiling area to allow for easy heat dissipation. It is not a bad idea to give your Bio fuel burner an annual clean and protector with any stainless steel cleaning/ protector on the market.

The Dimplex 3D Optimyst smoke and flame effect electric fire offers the ultimate ease of installation. There is no venting and no fuel, well there is a fuel quips Daniel and that’s water. The amazing 3D effect is created by a fine mist spray and lighting effects. These electric fire simply plug into a power point. There is some very basic monthly maintenance to be done by any of the resort staff.

Gas fires are a great option in a colder climate resort as these can offer almost all the ambience of a real wood fire but the with convenience of lighting it with  a flick of a switch.

The Outdoor gas fire pit is a very popular option for any resort, the high deep yellow gas flame usually on LPG is impressive and akin to a real bon fire. Annual stainless steel protector/cleaner application is advised and it is a good idea to have a qualified technician service the outdoor fire pit annually.

Some companies now are turning the traditional outdoor wood fire pit or campfire into the ultimate design statement. Whether it is a fire pit or raise ceramic fire pit or even a built in open wood fire.

Outdoor wood fires are a stunning feature and become the centrepiece of the outdoor room. Some brands like Jetmaster and Earth fires have an additional grill attachment, so your outdoor wood fire also becomes a barbeque or grill. An annual paint make over is essential for any mild steel parts exposed to weather.