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Five Latest Developments In Fire Places

Building their own house is dream come true for many people, especially in India.  You can add a bit of charm to your dream with a latest fireplace in your home.  Making a provision for a fireplace at the construction stage is a good idea, though it is not mandatory.  Let’s see the latest fireplace trends that can become part of your household.

Fire places have undergone a sea change from the classic wood fireplace to gas fireplace, ethanol and Electric fireplace too.  Though traditional wood fireplace still hold a pride of place among all fireplaces, constraints of space in multi-storied apartments and lack of pre-planning hamper the placement of Wood burning fireplace.

1. Gas fireplaces

Gas fireplace installations have shown a continuous increase over the last few years. Open gas fires are more visually appealing than glass enclosed fireplaces as the flames are in full view.  The heat dissipation is less intense and much more pleasant in insulated spaces.  From the design point of view, Open gas fire places are more flexible and can be installed anywhere in the house.

2: Bioethanol fireplaces

Akin to gas fireplaces, ethanol fireplaces are also getting increasingly popular.  One of the greatest advantages of ethanol fireplace is that there is no need for a flue which cuts down on structural modifications and facilitates easier installation.  Bio ethanol fireplaces can be easily integrated into smart technology and provide a modern outlook for the home.  You also have the option of a single flame of ribbon or more flames for that connoisseur outlook.

3: Suspended / hanging fireplaces

Suspended fireplaces hang from the ceiling or wall, utilizing minimum space and presenting an ubiquitous appearance.  Suspended fireplace was first invented in 1967 by Imbert, a Humanities Professor in France on a cold evening.  With his passion to carve out products out of waste metals, Imbert invented the fireplace, the surprise element being the fireplace was kept hanging from the roof. These fireplaces have a canopy hung from the ceiling housing the extraction equipment.  There is a separate base containing the burner which can be clad in stone or even leather for that WOW factor. Suspended fireplaces leave a large open space at your disposal.

4: Outdoor fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces were in existence for long, if you don’t mind the dust and residue created thereupon.  Now natural Gas Fireplace pits, fire tables etc. add up to the lineup of outdoor fireplace.  An Outdoor fireplace is not just a heat source but a design idea too.

5: Wood fireplaces – Back with a bang

Televisions have gone flat and hang on the wall.  People have started mounting their television sets over the fireplace, a great space saving idea but a shelf or mantelpiece is advised to deflect the heat away from the T.V. See-through fireplaces, often installed between the living and dining areas is a trend fast catching up.  Despite several advancements in fireplace technology, wood fireplace still remains the preferred choice of customers.  The natural aroma, flame and crackling sound can never be matched by modern fire places.  With improvements in technology and their low carbon emission levels, wood fireplaces are bound to rebound in sales, especially in a country like India, where there is abundance of wood.

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