Do Electric Fireplaces really heat a room?

Do Electric Fireplaces really heat a room?

Customers intending to install electric fireplace in their homes are wary if it is of any use and whether it can really heat a room and if so whether the heat will be to optimal levels.  Like other inventions, electric fireplaces have evolved too getting close to real.  We now have electric fires that generate heat, throw up realistic looking flames and last longer.  The installation and operational costs of electric fireplaces are very minimal when compared to other fireplaces.  Though they still miss out on the originality of a wood fire, they generate sufficient heat to heat a room.  Now comes the next question, how much of space can an electric fireplace heat up?  Well that depends upon the model.

Electric fireplaces operate on 120V or 240V models.  A 120V model can heat upto 400 square feet of room size while a 240V model can heat upto 1000 Sq.ft.  These are just simplified valuations as the heat generated and the hours of operation have to be factored in.  Generally a 120V electric fireplace can heat a 400 Square feet room in a short time, though it can heat a larger room by continuous running for hours together.  As we increase the voltage, the heat output increases correspondingly.

Not all men are born equal.  The same goes true for electric fireplaces too.  The question therefore should be “how efficient my fireplace will be in heating a room?”  It depends upon the specific model, the manufacturer and the controls given in the fireplace.  If you need an electric fireplace just for heating the room (to drive away the cold and maintain pleasant warmth) you should go for a fireplace with thermostat control.  That way you can maintain the temperature at ideal levels without frequent interference.  It also prevents overheating and help conserve energy.

The electric fireplace models at Master Fireplaces ( are meant to be economical as well as eco-friendly even while giving customers the best ‘Real Fire’ experience.  Our OPTI-MYST and OPTI-V range of electric fireplaces are known for their illusion that makes it difficult to distinguish from the Real thing.  The choices are many, with heating and non-heating modes, the crackling sound of logs, the occasional flickering of flames and 3D LED logs that sparkle intermittently.

One most astonishing feature of electric fireplace models is that the heat generated will not be felt on the glass.  Though the flames appear inside the glass, they are just lights to look like real flames and heat source is distinct from the flames.  And you can just enjoy the flames, switching off the heating part.