How much does it cost to install a fireplace?

How much does it cost to install a fireplace?

There are different varieties of fireplaces from  wood to gas and ethanol and electric fireplace.  The range of models are also wide and varied.  Some models require elaborate masonry work, while some others, especially the electric models can be simple plug and play.  For electric fireplace, the price can range from $200 and tend to average around $700 or $800 of electric fireplaces in Master Fireplaces.

The electric fireplaces manufactured by Master Fireplaces ( provide a cost effective and simplified solution to your penchant for fireplace installation in your home.  Installation of a fireplace adds value to the home’s estate value.

As we have seen fireplaces can be wood, gas or electric and the prices vary greatly.  But the catch is that while one may be cheap to install, another might be cheaper in the long run.  Some (Electric) offer convenience while others (wood) offer the best ambience and aroma.

Gas fireplaces are of low maintenance but would require gas line installation and perennial utility cost.  Wood burning requires frequent cleaning and maintenance but lower electricity/gas consumption.  Electric fireplace has the lowest installation as well as running cost.  It is virtually maintenance free and may require additional wiring and recurrent electricity charges.  According to calculations, electric fireplaces operate at a comparatively lesser cost (about 1/5th of the cost) than other types of fireplaces.  The cost of installation of OPTI-V and OPTI-MYST are $150 and $300.

Fireplaces should always be installed by a by a professional. Never try to meddle with the installation or repair process on your own to prevent the risks of smoke, heat or electric shock as the gas may be.  While calculating the electric fireplace installation cost, the cost of labour will also have to be factored in.  All said and above, the best performing electric fireplaces of master fireplaces ( can be installed anywhere between (price range $200 to $800)