How much does it cost to build a wood fireplaces India?

How much does it cost to build a wood fireplaces India?

Fireplace in India?  But who is going to buy?  India is a tropical country known for hot and humid weather conditions.  These are the common first thoughts that would appear in one’s mind when we talk of fireplaces in india.  However, the reality is different.  True, India is home to several cities where the mercury rises above 40C in peak summer.  But a place like New Delhi for instance can get bitter cold in winter with sub-zero temparatures.  The variation is so high that the weather pattern is not uniform throughout the country.  India is also home to several exotic hill stations.  Being a nation, large enough to be called a sub-continent, India has all the variety and diversity that one would dream for.

Such being the case, India offers immense potential for the fireplace industry in general.  As the industry has evolved over the years, cool climate is no more a pre-requisite for hosting a fireplace in your home.  Fireplace can now be installed just for the visual appeal.

In the first place, the idea of fireplace is not new to India (atleast as far as Indian cinema is concerned)  Unlike western cinema, Indian cinema is saddled with songs for depicting romance.  And yes, you got it right.  What is more romantic than a melody with a fireplace in the backdrop?  Cinemas aside, except a few high-end hotels in hill stations, fireplace has largely remained elusive for the Indian masses.  The idea however is slowly catching up.  Many people have started realizing the potential of a wood fireplaces India , as they grow in value sentiment.

Except for regions which are warm throughout the year, wood fireplace is the ideal choice.  Hot regions do not require heating, as they give out just the look and feel of a wood fireplace.  Master Fireplace ( houses a special electric fireplace model that can be used during summer.

Wood fireplaces have remained your best companion for centuries and have not lost their charm.  They provide the ambience that is unparalleled.  The crackling sound of log burning and the peculiar aroma that is specific to different kinds of wood are capable of taking you to another world.  Our heating solutions do not leave traces of smoke across the room but have awesome heating capacity.  With most accompaniments like chimney getting pre-fabricated, installation of wood fireplace has become hassle-free.

Designing a wood fireplace for your home is a challenge that we cherish to involve.  Even in places where there is absolutely no scope for wood fireplace (such as multi-story apartments or rented accommodation) wood stoves provide a handy replacement, incorporating all the essentials of a wood fireplace.

Talking about costs, we would request customers not to mis-calculate our costs after looking at the lucracy  of our products.  While companies push for international pricing pattern into India, we do exactly the opposite.  We offer international quality products at Indian prices.  Our wood fireplace range of products start from Rs.70,000 to Rs.60,000.  For more details, visit Master Fireplaces ( or call us at Ph. 1800 121 9055