How To Prepare Your Fireplace Ready for Winter

Fireplaces come in handy especially during winter season.  Though the ambience created by fireplace is season independent, the warmth is not so.  Chill winters can be extremely horrible, if your fireplace suddenly lets you down.  Taking a few precautionary steps beforehand can ensure proper functioning of the fireplaces in winter.

Frequent Inspections:  Fireplaces to perform well should be frequently inspected and cleaned.  The Chimney and outlets should be cleaned of any creosote at least once a year (or depending upon the number of fires) for safe and proper functioning of fireplace.

Cracks and Damages: Similarly, any cracks inside the fireplace or in the masonry work in the exterior should be thoroughly checked.  It is important to avail the services of an experienced worker involved in the masonry of fireplaces, as the regular mortar used in construction cannot withstand the heat.

The chimney cap and damper should be examined for proper working and to ensure that no debris is formed.  The chimney cap should be firmly attached and with protective screen to prevent birds, squirrels and other birds and animals from entering into the chimney.

The chimney cap and surroundings should be cleared of any branches hanging overhead.  Any obstruction by trees can invite a fire hazard besides restricting proper draft of the chimney.

The ash collected in the fireplace should be removed frequently, preferably once a week.  Since the ash can tend to be hot for up to three days, handle them with care.  Installation of heat resistant glass can help improve the efficiency and heat dissipation of your fireplace.  Glass doors should be cleaned thoroughly.  Avoid using abrasive cloth for cleaning as they may cause scratches on the glass surface.

Have sufficient quantity of quality wood to manage during the entire winter season.  Procuring wood during winter should be avoided as it is difficult to get dry wood.  Damp wood will not burn efficiently, while giving out more smoke.  Wood should be stored in a safe place away from the house to avoid any untoward incident.

If you have a Gas or Electric fireplace, make sure that all the components are in good fettle and replace any damaged ones. Check the blower and vents for proper airflow.  Clean the debris and dust on the interior and logs.  Dust gathered in the synthetic stone can produce odours that is undesirable.

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