What is the Most Efficient Fireplace?

The term efficiency has broader connotations and can vary according the context. In case of fireplace
too, efficiency can mean cost of installation or upkeep, energy efficiency, ease of use and ease of
maintenance and many more. About a century ago, fireplaces meant wooden fireplace and nothing
else. But modern-day innovations have led to the advent of gas fireplace, pellet fireplace and even
electric fireplace, each differing in perception and cost. Let us explore the differences between these
fireplaces and the overall efficiency factor.


Wood Fireplace:

As we stated earlier, fireplace traditionally meant the one with wooden logs emanating a rich aroma of
the burning wood, while dissipating the required heat. Wooden fireplaces have still not lost their charm
and is preferred by many simply for architectural beauty. Having said that, wood fireplace also requires
a constant sourcing of wooden logs, proper drying and pipes and chimneys for the smoke to escape.
The wooden logs have to be constantly monitored for the quality of burning and chimney cleaned at
regular intervals, to get the best output. Thus the best of all fireplaces wood fireplace is hampered by
the cost of construction upfront and also the sourcing and constant monitoring required. These factors
greatly reduce the efficiency quotient of the wood fireplace.

Pellet Fireplace:

The efficiency of pellet fireplaces can be measured by the fact that they burn with upto 98% efficiency.
Pellets are nothing but compressed sawdust, which can burn producing the required heat with the help
of a thermostat. Blowers are attached to unit to dissipate the heat so generated. However, pellet
fireplaces have circuits and motors that are prone to failure in the long run.

Gas fireplaces:

Gas is a freely available product and also much cheaper in comparison to wood. Gas fireplaces do not
need a chimney like wood fireplace and more economical. Gas fireplaces can also be controlled by
remote control and the temperature controlled by thermostat. Gas fireplaces are easily the most
efficient of the fireplaces we have seen till now.
Gas fireplaces is more eco-friendly and are much cleaner fuel. Gas fireplaces can be a handy choice for
those looking for smoke-free fireplace, low cost of maintenance and cost effective fireplace.
Nevertheless, it would be prudent to talk to an expert before selecting the most appropriate model for
your under-construction house or ready built house. Companies like Master Fireplaces can help you
make an informed decision in selecting the best fireplace according to your requirement, choice and

Electric Fireplace:

Electric fireplaces stand in line as the next possible choice. Though modern electric fireplaces can create
the effect (lighting) and crackling sound of a wood fireplace, they lack in the aroma aspect. Possibly the
cheapest option in fireplace, they are Clean, Cheap and ready to install anywhere and everywhere. No
masonry or sundries required. They are gradually evolving as the most preferred fireplace in homes.
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