Latest Trends In Modern Wood Burning Fireplace Ideas

Latest Trends In Modern Wood Burning Fireplace Ideas

As Fireplace takes the centre stage in modern household, the designs and finish have started to evolve.  Even a normal fireplace can be enhanced to ultra-modern look with some of our original finish ideas.  Infact, more than the fireplace models, the finishing is the current trend in the industry.  Master Fireplace has unlocked a new array of fireplace design trends that can include mantels, wall papers, and placement of art work and media.  Worried about bearing an already installed dull piece of artwork?  We can refinish your existing hearth too, to be instantly in consonance with your interiors.

Not just this year, but through the years, Wood is always HOT.  Recent innovations and technological advancements have supplemented the energy efficiency of wood burning fireplace.  It has also been found that wood burning is carbon-neutral, which means that it (wood burning) emits the same amount of carbon-di-oxide if the wood (tree) has to die a natural death.  Much of this carbon-di-oxide is absorbed by the trees themselves.

Efficiency-wise, modern day wood burning fireplaces burn longer, completely combust the wood and thus save on energy.  By tweaking the wood fireplace design, you can add storage unit as part of the fireplace design to stock the wood either underneath or on the sides of the fireplace.  The look is refreshingly enriching.

We have seen how grand a wood fireplace can get to if they are designed to occupy an entire wall or most part of it.  Visitors to your home can never miss out on the elegance.  Adding some art-work around the fireplace is another way of creating a sensation amongst visitors.

While some trends keep evolving, some never die.  Travelling a few decades back is the new Modern.  Some ideas like Corner fireplaces are making a thumping return with some changes.  Frameless design is another new concept for contemporary homes.  Tall and linear is a concept no one could miss.

Unlike several other fireplaces, wood burning fireplace actually handles fire and heat, not just simulation of fire.  Safety of wood burning fireplace has to be given precedence.  Therefore, heat sensors and automatic warning systems are implemented to ensure added safety.

Retro has always had its share of fan base and admirers.  Our retro style accents enable time travel and take you to a new whole world, medieval or ancient as you may like.  Retro designs are truly conspicuous in a contemporary house setting.

Why should you confine your fireplace to the living room?  Now add glamour to your bedroom with our direct vent technology.  Direct vent system enables installation of fireplace in virtually every(any) room.  The mode of installation differs with the type of fireplace.

At Master Fireplace, ( everything is about quality.  Input of premium grade materials at every stage of the fireplace making and installation process ensures that you get the best and safe product.  For us, customer satisfaction is our top priority.