Pre and Post-Fireplace Conversion Steps


A fireplace is one of our homes’ treasures. With time, however, fireplaces can become outdated and this prompts homeowners to search for new designs. Whether you love cozy traditions or lean towards sleek modernity, breathing life into this area will transform any living space. These are the recommended steps toward a mind-blowing before-and-after transformation as suggested by Master Fireplaces.

1. Inspiration and Planning

Flip through design magazines or browse sites like Pinterest for ideas. Determine what kind of ambiance you want to create with your room while considering materials, colors, and overall themes that would work best within your concept.

2. Assessment and Evaluation

Take a good look around at your current Fireplace setup – what shape is it in? Are there any repairs needed (such as cracks), safety precautions that could be improved upon, or scale/proportions relative to other objects in the same space?

3. Material Selection

Choose materials that not only fit well stylistically but also blend visually with everything else in your house! From classic brickwork through sleek tiles to contemporary concrete finishes – there’s bound to be something perfect for this aspect. But don’t forget about durability, maintenance requirements, or cost-effectiveness too.

4. Professional Consultation

If this happens to be more than just another weekend project then talking things over with an expert designer/contractor from a brand like Master Fireplaces could prove invaluable overall; their wealth of knowledge on makeovers spans many areas and they’ll offer advice where necessary along every stage.

5. Demo & Preparation

Once everything has been planned out take some time getting ready for the Fireplace renovation itself: clear furniture or decorations away from where work will take place; protect neighboring surfaces against dust & debris – tape down drop clothes if need be; remove existing surrounds/mantles/hearths if new designs call for such actions etcetera.

6. Installation & Construction

If you know your way around DIY, then, by all means, have at it. However, incorrect installation could lead to many potential hazards. So, you should hire an expert in this matter.

7. Finishing Touches & Styling

Consider painting/staining different parts that make up a Fireplace surround or even entire units themselves (if applicable) to enhance their look; try them out together visually better within wider color schemes employed throughout rooms nearby – artful placement/selection of decorative objects like pictures, candles, etc., can create interesting focal points around mantels too.


A fireplace makeover can take the style and functionality of your home to another level. It creates an attractive area where people can gather their attention to improve the overall atmosphere in any given space. You only have to follow these steps to have the desired changes from what was there before into what is now or could be afterward.