Which is the best inset electric fire ?

There is some good news for electric fireplace owners who missed on that elegance of wood fireplace; inset electric fire that doesn’t require logs and fire up a wood-burner for that wood burning sensation.  Insets can instantly warm up your home and create that ambience.  Aptly named recessed electric fires, they can be easily switched on.

With a barrage of designs available, it is too difficult to pick up the right one for your home, much less the best one.  It’s just a matter of personal preference and choice and therefore, we would just list out some of the outstanding features/combinations available in the market.  As with the design, some feature a pebble design, while some others have that realistic coal. The light and brightness can be changed too.  The realistic looking dancing flames and variety of hues add to the glamour.  The prices also vary and so do the features.

Looking at the features:

How many different (flame) colors can your electric fire throw?  And the facility to control brightness?  Some models have 3D flame effect.  Though the heater is built in, you can operate without generation of heat too, but just the flame.  The remote control can be programmed 7 days in advance. Designer Electric Fireplace(s) look great when installed under a TV.  All insets are designed with energy efficiency in mind.  There is a thermostat control for auto-switch off when the required heat is obtained and an adaptive start control which automatically switches on to pre-heat the home.  Now control your moods with mood lighting option and surround color; now surround system is not just for audio.  Automatic remote switching enables turning the fire ON/OFF, based on room temperature.

There are some inset models that serve the dual purpose of an inset or as a free-standing fireplace (feet supplied along with.)  You can decide whether to use as an inset or as a stand-alone unit.  With sturdy and modern design combined in one unit, the fireplace is one of the best money can buy.

With most insets incorporating the basic features such as LLED lighting, realistic looking flames and heat only option etc., the choice is ultimately yours; whether to choose a sleek and modern design, or a fireplace inset with easy installation procedure or dual purpose insets.

At Master Fireplace we have numerous Wood, Gas and electric fireplaces to complement your home.  Flooded with choice, we also help you choose the right match based on your need and aspiration. Whether you want your fireplace to be a source of heat or aesthetics? Whether you live in a rented apartment with some sort of space crunch or in a palatial bungalow with the best of interior designing?  Our fireplace models are in perfect alignment with your needs, imagination, vision and most important the available space.  For the sake clarity, it is specified that insets in an electric fire sits perfectly in an existing fireplace or within a cavity created in the existing wall to accommodate the electric fire.