What Are the Different Types of Fireplaces?

What Are the Different Types of Fireplaces?

For Gen-x, buying a Home meant buying a piece of land with a roof to cover.  For Gen-Y (or millennials) a home is a Dream Home.  From artistic interiors to striking colors, frontage elevation to indoor lighting, connected homes to fireplaces, the millennials do not want to miss out on any of that coziness.  The millennials are also truly budget conscious and do not invest a dime, without the necessary yield.  For them the fireplace is attractive more because it adds value to the house, rather than the ambience. Planning for a fireplace at the home construction stage will save a lot of money and the constraints associated with late planning can be avoided.  A clear understanding of fireplaces is necessary to provision for one in your dream home.

Fireplaces are of four types based on their source of fire or energy.  The most inspiring and time tested wood fireplace and recent inventions like gas fireplace, ethanol (burning) fireplace and electric fireplace.  While the first three models generate heat through real fire, the electric fireplace is a simulation based fireplace.  It simulates a realistic looking flame and has heating elements to give out heat.  There is no direct relation between the flame and heat.  One advantage of such model is that the fireplace exterior (The glass through which the flames appear) remain cool to touch.  Thus the electric fireplace is perhaps the safest form of fireplace.

There is nothing like original.  Though electric fireplaces have improved a lot, they still lack the reality of a fuel-burning fireplace.  Gas fireplaces act as a via media combining the versatility of electric fireplace and the traditional looks of wood fireplace.  For those concerned about the installation of vent (chimney) gas fireplaces come in a ventless model too.

If you want a cleaner, more traditional look, you definitely want a gas-burning fireplace. Although wood burning fireplace look beautiful, there’s a bit of clean up, whereas gas burning fireplaces are easier to install. If you want a gas-burning fireplace, then you can either have one that is a direct vent built-in or a ventless built-in. But this type of fireplace does not require the installation of a vent or chimney.

Ethanol burning fireplaces are not too popular because they do not generate sufficient heat.  Nevertheless they are easy to install and available in many different styles.  It can be wall-mounted or table top models.  With a conversion kit, your traditional wood or gas burning fireplaces can be converted to ethanol fireplace.

Do you want to hear the crackling sound of the logs; or taste the aroma of wood burning?  The aroma can also greatly vary dependent upon the wood used.  Though in existence for centuries, wood burning fireplaces have retained their hold as the most preferred type of fireplace.  For environmentalists concerned over the burning of wood, it is certified that wood burning is carbon-neutral.  Wood is a great source of heat and fireplace inserts and wood burning stoves simplify wood fire installation.

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