What should I look for when buying an electric fire

What should I look for when buying an electric fire

The easy-going nature of the electric fireplace is the most attractive part.  So whenever you feel the need for a bit of warm-up, set your sights on the electric fireplace as it is ready to GO.  Now you can say ‘No’ to brickwork, pipelines, air vents and chimneys with the Plug and Play Electric Fire.  It is also cost-effective not just during installation, but also during maintenance in the long run.  Typically, electric fireplaces are once installed, to be forgotten.

Why would one prefer an electric fireplace when you can have a more versatile and aromatic wood fireplace?  The reason is not just the simplicity.  Modern day electric fireplaces are capable of replicating the traditional fireplace in almost every sphere.  They are capable of reproducing the look, ambience, the real(istic) fire and even the log burning sound.  As of now, the only aspect missing is the aroma as different woods and combination woods raise different aroma.  The question therefore is how to choose the best electric fireplace for your home?  That depends upon your personal preference, the climate in your region and the purpose for which the fireplace is installed.  As you know, electric fireplaces are capable of generating just the flame, without the heat component.  That way, these fireplaces can be used across seasons and places.

Wood fireplace has a special place in every fireplace lover’s heart.  Every company strives to make electric fireplaces that can provide the same level of functionality of the traditional fireplace.  In electric fireplaces, no combustive material is present and the heat is generated through space heaters.

Electric fireplaces can add variety to your home.  They come in various shape, size and can be wall mounting or as standalone units.  Electric fireplaces just replicate the flames while there is no real flame and are considered absolutely safe for children and pets.  They are virtually maintenance-free and devoid of the mess created by ash, soot etc.

How to choose the Electric fireplace for your home?

With a myriad of options to choose from, choosing your own electric fireplace can get complicated.  If you are not sure about your fireplace requirement, call Master Fireplaces (https://masterfireplaces.in) at Ph. 1800 121 9055 for more information and assistance in choosing the best fireplace for your home.

Electric fireplaces can be Fireplace inserts, Standalone units or wall mounting type.  Each has its own utility and purpose.  Fireplace inserts are meant for homes with an existing fireplace.  They are meant to get rid of the hassles of maintenance, soot buildup and frequent cleaning requirements.

Standalone units are the most popular kind of electric fireplace and they are designed in such a way that they look like a pre-built fireplace.

Wall mounts require a small amount of set-up ulike the elaborate work in other fireplace models.

 Heating Options

Depending upon the size of the room (or the area to be heated), you can opt for Forced Fan units that can heat a room upto 400 Sq.ft.  Infrared models can heat areas upto 1000 Sq.feet.  Ceramic fireplaces work the same way as Forced Fan and useful for heating small areas.