What’s So Trendy About Electric Fireplaces

What’s So Trendy About Electric Fireplaces

Now everyone has a reason to smile.  If you were fond of having a fireplace in your house, but could not afford one due to lack of space, inability to do structural alterations or the cost of sourcing components etc., now we have a solution for you.  The electric fireplace, that can replicate into those traditional wood fireplace, sans just the smoke and aroma.  Electric fireplaces have evolved too and now they can even replicate the crackling sound of those wooden logs.  So what’s so trendy about having an electric fireplace?  Here are some reasons.

1. Zero Emissions

Fireplaces are of different kinds, from wood to gas fired and ethanol based.  Each has its own advantage, but every fireplace leaves out fumes, which can result in breathing difficulties or may be even dangerous in the closed atmosphere of a home.  Though recent studies have found out that wood fireplaces are carbon-neutral, electric fireplaces have zero emissions and no hazardous byproducts.  With electric fireplace in place, your house wont smell smoke anymore.

2. Energy efficiency

There are some electric fireplace models that use infrared for heating.  This helps to maintain the humidity at healthy natural levels and prevents dry air.  Electric fireplaces have the potential to heat a room faster.  In traditional fireplaces heat is lost while dissipating resulting in frequent bouts of cold and warm air drafts.  In electric fireplace, the heating up is quicker and warmth stays longer.

3. Long Life & Cost savings

Modern LED lamps can last upto 50,000 hours and are also environment-friendly.  The LED bulbs while dissipating heat, does not get heated up and safe for children and pets.  Electric fireplaces also provide for zone heating, which allows for heating only the room that is occupied.  Zone heating has the potential to save upto 10% of your energy consumption.

4. Hassle-free Maintenance

Electric fireplaces are virtually maintenance free and therefore the costs associated with cleaning and annual maintenance is practically Nil.  There is no need to stock fuel or allocate a separate place for storing logs.  Most electric fireplace models can be remotely controlled even as you sit and relax enjoying the ambiance.

5. Long lasting

Electric fireplaces do not burn wood or gas and not a combustible source of energy.  They just reflect light and mimic the conventional fireplace.  In addition some models have the crackling sound of wood burning too.  Since LED lamps that glow like a fireplace have a longer life span, the electric fireplaces are long lasting and free from maintenance issues.

6. Safety

Electric fireplaces generate enough heat to warm even larger rooms and still remain cool to touch.  They are absolutely safe for children and pets and do not pose a fire or heat hazard.  Modern electric fireplaces also have a sensor for fire prevention and overheat protection.

7. Safety

Unlike other fireplaces, in electric fireplaces, generation of the flame effect and heat are independent.  Therefore, they can be used even in peak summer seasons just to provide the visual appeal of a fireplace without the heat generation.  Now you can enjoy the romantic mood in every season, occasion and climate.