Are Fire places Still Relevant for your home?

Are Fire places Still Relevant for your home?

Fire places have never lost their charm, but have undergone tremendous changes and improvements to keep in tune with the changing times.  As fire places have evolved, the challenge is to blend it with the interiors of the house.  To make a perfect blend, fireplaces have taken different shapes and sizes.  From linear to wall hanging type and as part of entertainment unit, fireplaces have changed place, shape and pattern.

Beautifully Linear

For long gas fireplace were popular for linear fireplaces.  Now we have updated the traditional wood burning fireplace into sleek and modern finishes.  The use of monochromatic colors and white marble gives a sense of contemporary look.  The decorative outlook and warmth of a fireplace is hard to match.  Linear bears a semblance of traditional as well as contemporary outlook with the solid pieces of marble surrounding it.  As we can foresee, the linear fireplace is here to stay.

Big and Dramatic Walls

Why should fireplace be confined to a small portion of your wall?  Is there any such hard and fast rule?  How about having an entire wall apportioned for the placement of a fireplace.  Yes, we mean from floor to ceiling.  The bold and elegant outlook is more dramatic than you can ever imagine.  Strategically positioned mirror that reflects the light around the room makes it appear as if you are in a IMAX theatre.  The options are endless with artistic images, pictures and other such works of art adorning the walls.

Corner Fireplace

As we go linear, corner fireplaces are getting trendy.  Incorporated into the wall, it can act as a screen to separate two rooms.  With corner fireplaces, the warmth can be enjoyed from anywhere in the room.  As homes turn up with open floor plans corner fireplaces can become the cornerstone of every home in the near future.  Some of the modern fireplaces are capable of being installed in any interior room as you desire.

Big Hearth Is Awesome

Why confine fireplaces to those rustic cabins.  With more versatile fireplaces being made these days, we are getting fireplaces with large hearth opening.  Besides elegance, the warmth is eye-catching.