The energy efficiency of wood burning fireplace has increased drastically in the recent past as they now generate more heat, burning less wood.  Recent study has concluded that wood burning is not a strain on the atmosphere as it is considered ‘Carbon Neutral’.  Calculations suggest that an increase in the energy efficiency of wood burning fireplace has the potenteial to save more than 1 million trees in the next decade.  A simple redesign of the wood fireplace saves atleast 50% of the wood used for combustion while giving out the same amount of heat, as a clean and consistent source.

Master Fireplaces has developed four wood burning fireplace models that combines efficiency and the quality of heat generated at optimum levels.

Currently we have focused on India, though we have world-wide presence and the best technology on hand.  Our fireplaces incorporate the best quality control norms of Australia and come at Indian prices for our Indian customers.

Wood Stoves

Our Wood stoves are super efficient in heating with controllable heat.  Our wood heaters and stoves are either inbuilt or freestanding where the installation process is simple. The models add attraction to your house with viewable glass doors revealing the flames dancing through.  Fans are inbuild which you can control to regulate heat circulation.

Glass Fronted Inserts

The Glass fronted inserts incorporate the most advances air wash technology to ensure a clear and uninterrupted view of the flames.  Glass fronted inserts are ideal for heating big spaces and can burn upto 8 hours.  You also have traditional or double sided options to choose from.

Open Wood Fireplaces

Open wood fireplaces enable you to enjoy fire in its pristine form.  Our Jet Master open wood fireplace lets you experience heat through natural convection.  The cool air drawn into the heating chamber is let out as a stream of consistent hot air.  It does not cause smoke in the room, maintaining cleanliness of the room.  Though a plethora of designs are available it requires little or no brickwork and can fit into the existing chimney.  Depending upon the frequency of use, open wood fireplaces are easy to clean and also do not require much elaborate cleaning.  Our open fireplaces come in 12 different sizes and can be single sided or double-sided.