How much does it cost to put in a gas fireplace?

How much does it cost to put in a gas fireplace?

Gas fireplaces offer an energy efficient way of heating your home.  They are much easier to install than a wood fireplace and usually cost effective.  Gas fireplaces are the preferred choice for homes where fireplaces are not installed during the construction stage itself.  For pre-built houses, they are much easier to install and usually run at lesser cost.  Gas fireplaces are the perfect choice for many homeowners as a retro-fit.

Coming to cost, the average cost of installing a gas fireplace is much less compared to wood fireplace, sans masonry work.  The cost of installation include, firebox installation, vent pipe, gas line and full installation and finishing.  The cost may vary based on factors such as availability of an existing gas line or the length of gas line, existing fireplace installation with chimney, vent etc.,  (which need to be converted to gas fireplace) The exact cost of a gas fireplace installation can range from $150 and $800 in India.  Master Fireplaces have specialized in Gas fireplace installation in this part of the nation and have some energy efficient and cost effective gas fireplace models to choose from.  Our gas fireplaces are low on maintenance and running cost, though they heat the room efficiently.  They do not pose safety hazard but capable of producing real flames.

Our gas fireplaces harness the power of Vastu energy with our vastu team suggesting the appropriate place of installation after an inspection of your home.  Gas fireplaces, like wood fireplaces are best installed during the construction pace. Nevertheless, they are extremely efficient and incorporate the best architectural prominence.

The cost of installation could vary depending upon the labour (work) involved.  An installation requiring vent pipe and gas line installation may incur additional labour.  All the customizations, improvements and enhancements to the fireplace (to make it in perfect alignment to your home) can also greatly vary the cost.    Pre-existing chimney (if any) can be utilized for a gas fireplace or you can build one just for the appeal.  A chimney is not an essential ingredient of gas fireplace though.

Faux logs (artificial logs) can greatly enhance the appearance of the flames.  These could add to the beauty of the fireplace while enhancing the cost.  Similarly Mantels and enclosures like glass doors can also add to the cost.  All these attachments are purely optional enhancements and solely dependant upon your personal choice and outlay of funds.

Some houses may require a blower/fan attachment for better circulation of air.  This will be decided at the time of installation.

Master Fireplaces ( can save you a lot of time and energy and can offer a cost-effective gas fireplace solution to your home, after a careful inspection of your house.  Call Us Now at 1800 121 9055 for evaluation.