10 benefits of buying an Electric Fireplace

10 benefits of buying an Electric Fireplace

Palatial Bungalow, sprawling lawn, sea-side view or the chillness of hill station, spacious interiors, cozy fittings, the ever burning fireplace, who would say ‘No’ to such a comfort?  But can everyone afford this luxury?  We all know the exquisite nature of a wood fireplace.  Nothing can match the ambience, the aroma and the rich outlook of wood fireplace.  Unfortunately, wood fireplace cannot be installed everywhere.  In major cities in India, people live in cramped apartments, where neither the roof, nor the floor is your own.  The paucity of space and the inability to make structural changes to the building hampers our effort to install a wood fireplace, which forever remains our FIRST CHOICE.  We can however still replicate some aspects of a wood fireplace with the help of an electric fireplace.  Some of the common benefits of buying an electrical fireplace are listed below:

1. Simple Installation Process

Just plug in the electric fireplace in any regular plug point and turn it on.  The LED lights in the electric fireplace create a realistic appearance of flames.  The flames are only realistic and not real flames and hence no need to worry about dust accumulation.

2. Low on Maintenance

Wood creates real fire with that awesome aroma.  Though it’s a pleasure to cherish the aroma, it also creates some dust.  Electric fireplaces do not create any dust.  Just Turn On, the switch to get ‘turned on’.

3. Low cost installation

The most exquisite fireplace models and customization as per your interiors can be a costly affair.  We have to make a choice between the advantages of a wood fireplace, versus the cost of customized setup.  Electric fireplaces are ready to install and therefore have a much lower price tag.  With LED lights glowing like fire in an electric fireplace, the cost of maintenance is also low.  LED lights are known for their longevity, with upto 50000 hours of operation.

4. Energy Efficient

Typically, fireplaces other than electric fireplaces are not very energy efficient. When compared to fuels like gas, ethanol etc., electric fireplaces are more energy efficient.

5. Long life

Electric fireplaces are less prone to problems such as corrosion, rust etc.  They retain their efficiency even after years of functioning and by nature, long lasting.

6. Ease Of Installation

Say No to alterations, masonry and brick work to install fireplace.  Electric fireplace installation is just a breeze.  Fix the device at the desired place or keep it hanging against the wall.  Plug and play. It offers an ideal fireplace solution for small rooms, apartment or housing unit.  Standalone units can be left to stand on their own while the wall hanging type can be hung on a wall and save floor space.  Standalone fireplaces can be moved around and add glamour as part of your entertainment cluster.

7. Wide Portfolio

Tastes and preferences differ from person to person.  Some prefer traditional looking model, while others prefer a more modern outlook.  Some require heat dissipation while others may need just the sound and light show.  At Master Fireplace (https://masterfireplace.in) you just name the choice and we will find the solution for you.

8. Safety

Fireplaces can get dangerously hot.  Movement of children and pets near fireplace has to be monitored or curtailed.  Some gas based fireplaces emit toxic fumes and not suitable for small and/or closed rooms. Electric fireplaces don’t heat up themselves, even as they heat the room.  They remain cool enough and do not hurt, even when touched.

9. Bringing Nature To Your Home

Everyone likes a stroll across the park.  But there may be situations when it becomes impossible to go out.  Electric fireplaces bring nature back into your home.

10. All-round usage

Electric fireplaces have heat generating and non-heating models.  Even heating models have the option to turn-off heating and just give out that flame-like appearance.  Now seasons are under control.

As we have stressed time and again, nothing can match the beauty, efficiency and charm of a traditional wood fireplace.  Nevertheless, electric fireplace offers some distinct advantages over their peers.

The Opti-myst electric fireplace made by Master Fireplace creates an illusion of real flame and smoke in 3-D effect.  There are simply no restrictions for the design, whether traditional looking or ultra-modern.  Our Dimplex Opti-V gives you all the benefits of an open fireplace sans the piping and venting requirements.