Top 10 reasons why you should invest in a fireplace in India

Top 10 reasons why you should invest in a fireplace in India

India is a tropical country with hot weather conditions.  That’s right.  Looking from that perspective, one may wonder why someone would install a fireplace as a heating source when the mercury hovers around 100 degrees.  India is also a vast country with different climatic zones.  We have some of the wettest and driest places on earth.  Similarly, we also have some of the hottest and coldest places on earth.  There are cities like New Delhi that experience scorching heat during summer and trembling cold during winter.  Fire place not just improves your ambience, it can also save energy bills.  Let us see the reasons why we should invest in a fireplace india.

1. Creating the comfort

In many places in North India and hills stations through the nation, it gets bitter cold during winter.  How about sitting in front of a fireplace watching those flickering flames and enjoying the warmth?  The crackling sound of the logs and the aroma of wood makes you feel like heaven.  The situation is ideal irrespective of whether you are with the family or alone at home, wanting to drive away that sense of loneliness.

2. Creating Aroma

Wooden fireplaces can use different wood that give different aroma.  Though the aroma is possible to get by scents or some other means also, the burning of wooden log is unforgettable.  Aroma can be created artificially in gas fireplaces also.

3. Creating value

Buyers look for every kind of amenity in a house.  A house with customized fireplace that integrates well with the overall outlook is an added plus.  It offers an attention that no potential buyer can afford to ignore.  Your house with the fireplace has the potential to fetch a higher price or rent due to the added value.  That way you stand to gain by the installation of a wood or any other kind of fireplace.

4. An alternate energy source during prolonged power outages

India has a long coastline and the coastal belt is prone to frequent cyclones and storms.  Some cyclones uproot electrical and communication installations and devastate large areas.  Depending upon the havoc caused, it takes weeks or even months, before normalcy is restored.  The struggle for energy can be minimized if dependence on electrical energy is reduced.  Wood and gas fireplaces keep the warmth of the house during torrential rain, gale storms and prolonged power blackouts.  In a country like India, power outages are not just confined to extraneous situations like these, but can also happen to be a regular feature.  The utility of a wood/gas fireplace is therefore even more in India.

5. As a medium of cooking

As we spoke of power blackouts, fireplaces can double up as a cooking stove.  They lend a helping hand when those microwaves, induction stoves and sandwich makers let you down.  Get that raw flavor of Tandoori  chicken or use it to prepare the bed coffee on a cold morning.  The utility is unlimited.

6. Identify the ideal hotspot

At sub-zero temperatures, the fireplace is working non-stop.  Every fireplace room has a hotspot which is the ideal resting place.  Be sure to identify that hotspot and share with your family for stretching your legs.

7. Fireplaces – A designer’s paradise

Did we say about fireplaces adding to the value of the house from the real estate point of view?  The design of the fireplace plays a great role in that.  The design combos and possibilities are quite endless.  You can design a fireplace within a special enclosure, as an entertainment media or the space saving hanging type.  Now you can change your dull room into a vibrant one with the installation of fireplace.

8. What’s there without some romance?

Fireplaces in themselves create a unique flavor and ambience.  Beyond ambience, there is a romantic angle to fireplaces.  Add some extra flavor with those romantic candles and some melodious numbers.   It’s time for a romantic evening with your heartthrob.

9. Placement flexibility

Modern day wood stoves can be placed virtually anywhere in the house, if only the vent pipe can be run outside the house.  Any room or space can be zone heated.  Well placed wood stoves can negate the need for a centralized heating system.

10. Environment friendly

Contrary to popular perception, wood fireplace are eco-friendly too.  Fossil fuels are a rare and depleting source.  Electric fires are environment friendly but they cannot replicate the efficiency of a wood or gas fireplace.  Wood fireplaces are considered carbon-neutral which means that they do not add to the carbon-di-oxide in the atmosphere.