5 Common Myths About Fireplaces

5 Common Myths About Fireplaces

Myth – 1:

I Don’t Use Fireplace Often; Therefore The Chimneys Don’t Need Frequent Maintenance

Chimneys do need frequent maintenance (how frequent depends upon your usage) for effective functioning of the fireplace.  Chimneys accumulate soot and creosote, which can pose health hazard overtime.  Creosote is a by-product of burnt wood with the potential to create massive heat and fire.  It can also cause health hazards and respiratory problems.

Apart from creosote buildup, chimneys can develop cracks, become worn out or there may be animal/bird activity like nest build up etc.  This is especially true when you don’t use your fireplace for long enough, (say the entire summer months)

Professional cleaning of chimney is therefore recommended at least once a year, irrespective of fireplace usage.  The service can be availed from professional fireplace manufacturers such as masterfireplaces.  (https://masterfireplaces.in)

Equally important is that you should use your fireplace at regular intervals, without letting it to remain idle for too long.

Myth – 2:

Woof Fireplace Is Not Energy Efficient.

Most fuels such as Kerosene dry up quickly and burn quicker.  But that is undesirable.  These fuels also emit dangerous chemicals upon heating.  Kerosene or any such bio-fuel should be used only in the specific heaters meant for them.  To make the fireplace energy efficient, the fire has to be maintained properly.  Wood burning is a three stage process and proper placement or supply of wood in the fire and air circulation are the key to proper combustion and heat generation.  Proper installation of chimney is also important to prevent downdraft.  In the above conditions it is questionable if any other fireplace can match the energy efficiency of a wood fireplace.

Myth -3:

It Is Safe To Leave The Fire Burning, At Nights When We Fall Asleep

Leaving the fireplace unattended is not a good choice, especially during sleeping.  Overnight burning may not generate adequate heat, but can cause unnecessary smoke.  Unnecessary and continuous usage for long hours may hamper performance and could result in faster wear and tear.  A fireplace can however be used at night if extensive precautionary measures have been undertaken and the fireplace inspected and certified by specialists such as Master Fireplaces.

Myth – 4:

Fireplaces Are Not For Every Household And Require Elaborate And Costly Installation Process

Fireplaces  come in a wide range and variety.  Even the operations differ between wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces, ethanol and electric fireplace.  Each type has its own advantage and disadvantages.  We have added variety keeping in mind the varying needs of our customers.  Affordability, cost, convenience, ease of use and space crunch are takeninto account before suggesting the most suitable fireplace for a customer.  Therefore, leave all your worries aside.  Come to Master Fireplace (http://masterfireplace.in)

Myth – 5:

Fireplace Is Nothing But Burning Of Wood And That Is Harmful

Both these statements are awfully incorrect.  The traditional wood fireplaces have changed a lot, except of course the charisma.  And wood is not your only choice for having a fireplace.  Fire places have evolved over the years and added variety, convenience and styles to match every interior.  They have started using alternative fuel such as gas, ethanol or even electricity based.  Recent studies have proved that wood fireplaces are more energy efficient and environment friendly (Due to low carbon emission) than other fire places.

Any kind of fireplace would require proper service and maintenance.  That’s the key for fireplace to make a  ‘Made for each other’ impact.  Your Home, Our Fireplace and Service are in perfect tandem to save you time, effort and money.