How to Use a Woodburning Stove: A Comprehensive Guide


Timeless favorite, wood stoves are a perfect addition that adds coziness, warmth, and nostalgia to any house. No matter if you’ve had yours forever or if it’s a new one from Master Fireplaces, they all require care when using.

  1. Choose the Right Wood
    • Hardwoods such as ash, oak or maple burn more slowly and produce less creosote.
    • Softwoods, which have a high smoke content (like pine) burn rapidly.
  1. Stove Preparation 
    • Ensure the stove is installed correctly which means proper ventilation to make sure everything is functioning properly.
    • One of the most common issues with wood-burning fires is airflow so make sure the venting pipes are clean and clear before starting a fire.
  1. Producing Fire
    • After cleaning the firebox, open the damper to let in some air.
    • Place fire starters or crumpled newspaper on the grates, then layer small kindling pieces in a crosshatch pattern on top.
    • Next, add larger pieces of wood on top but don’t stack them too tightly since you still need room for airflow.
  1. Lighting the Fire
    • Light the paper or starter with long lighters or matches. 
    • Gently shut the door to avoid extinguishing the flames, and then modify the airflow settings as needed.
  1. Keeping the Fire Alive
    • Keep up with it by adding more wood when needed, but don’t overdo it
    • Once it’s going steady, close the damper slightly to slow down burning and increase efficiency
  1. Safety Measures to Follow
    • Install carbon monoxide detectors as well as check if smoke alarms are working properly
    • Get rid of any flammable materials next to the stovetop and put down rugs if necessary
  1. Cleaning & Maintenance
    • Remove ash buildup from inside stove regularly and get the chimney cleaned annually to avoid buildup 
    • Check gaskets, seals, and other parts for wear and tear, then replace them accordingly


Learning how to use a woodburning stove takes practice, knowledge, and effort. Along with this guide, to enjoy the warmth and ambiance from the best stove in the market, consider stoves from Master Fireplaces that produce warmth safely and efficiently. Whether it’s a winter night where you want to snuggle up next to it or just enjoy the rustic feel of it all, a well-maintained wood-burning stove will never fail to enhance any home.