Know the 5 favorite Fireplaces in India

Know the 5 favorite Fireplaces in India

Fireplaces in India? Are you playing with fire?  Why would Indians go for a fireplace in their homes while it is already hot?  Appears to be insane at first thought.  India is a vast country with varying climatic zones.  India is also home to several hill stations.  There are places in North India that witness dog days during summer and shivering cold during winter.  Even the Indian capital is home to such extremities.

Heating a room is just one part of fireplace’s utility.  The mood it creates is another thing.  When the winter has set in, as the cold air breezes through your ears creating those shivers, the fireplace comes in as a handy device to drive away cold and keep the warmth intact.  But more inspiring is the mood it sets in making the evening more romantic than ever.

Fireplaces come in varying models and sizes.  The type of fuel vary from Wood, Gas, Ethanol and the electric model (which does not give out real fire, but just the illusion)  Aside from romance, the fireplace (hearth) is a great place for a get-together with family and friends.  Wood fireplaces outshine every other fireplace in terms of traditional outlook, eco-friendly nature, efficiency and economy.

At times we may be overwhelmed by the negative reviews on the internet about wood fireplace.  From elaborate masonry requirements to difficulties in installing wood fireplace in rented and multi-story apartments, different people cite different reasons ostensibly to push their own product.  We at Master Fireplace have a strong belief that fireplace design and model are better decided by the customers themselves.  On our part, we have lined up a complete range of fireplaces for the customers to choose from.

Ethanol Fireplace

Ethanol Fireplace:  In some cramped apartments where you share your room corners and roof tops with other households leaving no space for flue pipe, ethanol fireplaces come in as a handy solution as they are completely ventless.  Our ethanol fireplaces combine style, safety and advanced features like auto-ignition technology.

Electric Fireplace

Electric Fireplace: Electric fireplace offer the convenience of Plug and Play.  Our electric fireplace models Opti-Myst and Dimplex Opti-V utilize the latest HD Technology to create realistic flames and sparks.  The patented technology has an audio element for creating the sound of crackling of logs.  The 3D LED logs spark occasionally giving you a sense of the real thing.  The model Dimplex Opti-V nearly replaces the need for a wood fireplace.

The model Opti-Myst is also capable of creating an illusion of authentic looking flames.  The heater component can be switched off at anytime.  Your yearning for fireplace at home attains saturation when you see the Opti-Myst at play.

Glass front fireplace

Glass front fireplace: These are ideal for heating large spaces upto 8 hours.  These are nothing but wood fireplace with glass door in the front.  Our unique air-wash technology ensures that you always get an uninterrupted view of the flames.

Wood Fireplace

Wood Fireplace: Our Jet Master open wood fireplace has proved to be an instant hit in India as well.  The heating is governed by convection process in which cold air is drawn into the heating chamber and vented out as a stream of hot air.  Australia’s top wood fireplace is now in India.  The open wood fireplace is so well designed not to let out smoke and fume into the room.

There are many more standard and customizable models available with Master Freplaces.  Check this and moreon Master Fireplace website. (