What type of fireplace is right for your home?

What type of fireplace is right for your home?

These days when our children remain aloof from the family glued to their mobile(s), fireplaces offer the best opportunity to sit along with your family and friends and enjoy every moment out of it.  A fireplace that carries along with it bouts of warmth and gentle aroma of burning log while it is still shivering cold in the outside is a pleasure with no known bounds.  A strategically installed fireplace with the entertainment unit in close cluster adds not just the ambiance but adds beauty to the interior design of the house.  The setting is right for every occasion and mood; whether you are all alone enjoying your sip and crafting your thoughts; or whether you are with your heartthrob for that romantic evening; or with your friends and family as part of a get-together.

The idea of fireplace in homes is catching up in India.  Both house owners and planners have a place allotted for installation of fireplace in the near future.  Even people living in hot weather conditions are not wary of provisioning for a fireplace, especially from the architectural point of view.

Apart from providing comfort during cold winter, fireplaces also kindles the designers’ intuition to make the house beautiful.  It forms an inevitable part of the modern home providing the much required heat, light and design elements.  Rather than adding to the clutter, a fireplace should stand out and be unique.  Unique design can be either way, perfectly mingling with the interiors or as a contrasting style.

Both have their own attractiveness and it is purely the choice of the customer.  We at Master Fireplaces have incorporated some unique designs and also customizable options.  Customized solutions are offered based on a site visit to customer premises.  Of importance is customer opinion.  While making choices, we limit ourselves to advisory role and it is the customer who shall have the final authority to choose from the myriad of options available.

As we know, fireplace models and the types are aplenty.  Primarily, these are wood burning fireplace, gas fireplace and electric fireplaces.  Since all these have their own advantages and disadvantages, we seek to explain our customers on the suitability of each in the available space.  Similarly if you have a particular fancy for any kind of fireplace, say wood fireplace, we make all out efforts to get them installed in your home.