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Enjoy fire in its most natural form.

The Jet master Open Wood burning fireplace enhances the comfort and warmth of any home. Experience naturally convected heat. Cool air is drawn into the Jet master heating chamber, this is then vented out as a consistent stream of hot air. The Jetmaster Australia’s premier open wood fireplace is designed not to smoke into the room.

From traditional to contemporary, the design options are endless with minimal brickwork required for installation – in fact – if you already have an existing fireplace, it’s simply a matter of sliding the appropriate sized box into the fireplace and using the existing chimney. Wood is burnt down to a fine ash ensuring minimal cleaning and a slower burn rate, with only one or two cleans needed per season depending on frequency of use. Open wood  fireplaces are available in 12 sizes and come in single-sided and double-sided room divider options.

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