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Designing With Cassettes

Electric Fireplace by Dimplex

Looking deceptively real, an Opti-myst fireplace from Dimplex will captivate you from the moment you see it. The fully 3-dimensional effect creates authentic looking ‘flames’ and ‘smoke’ – an illusion so effective that it is difficult to distinguish from the real thing. And now you can add Opti-myst to your own creations, with a choice of 2 sizes of cassettes that are easy and versatile to install.

Choose to have three or even four fires in a line to create the linear fireplace profile popular in the contemporary home. If a traditional fireplace is your style then simply use one cassette in a cast iron fascia and mantelpiece combination. This is also a great option for existing empty fireplaces, if you have built a fireplace cavity but haven’t found the right fireplace that suits, the cassettes or chassis fireplaces are a great easy and affordable option. They don’t need to be flued or piped so they are also a great fireplace option for apartments.

The Opti-myst cassettes allows you to create any unique design in your home.

The Fireplace for All Seasons

The Opti-myst cassette is the perfect addition to all houses in India, its decorative function allows you to have a feature throughout the year without any heat.




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